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Carpet Sales - Shop At Home - In-Home Carpet and Flooring Service in Metro Detroit, MI

Bring the Store to Your Home or Business
Complete Line of Carpet and Hardwood Flooring Plus Installation

Let Corian Carpet bring our showroom to your home or business in the Metro Detroit, Southeastern MI area. We carry a huge variety of carpet, wood and tile flooring from many familiar and leading manufacturers. We feature as much or more carpet and wood flooring products as you'd see in a carpet and flooring store. You'll see the samples in your own home's lighting conditions and with your decor to properly select what matches the best. In addition to carpet sales, we're experienced carpet and flooring installers with complete responsibility of making your new project a reality. Our carpet and flooring prices reflect a lower overhead than our counterparts do.

Making an no-pressure, no-obligation appointment is easy. Click here We'll discuss what you envision, carpet or flooring pricing, warranties, financing, installation, various options, and the optimal carpet, wood, or tile flooring solution for your needs.

Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

Free In-Home or Business, Shop-At-Home Carpet and Wood Flooring Service in Michigan with Free Measuring of Rooms

  • Shop At Home Alladdin Carpet Sales, Store

    Alladdin Carpet

  • Atlas Carpet Sales, Store

    Atlas Carpet

  • Beaulieu of America Carpet Sales, Stores

    Beaulieu of America Carpet

  • Bloomsburg Carpet Sales, Store

    Bloomsburg Carpet

  • Camelot Carpet Sales, Stores

    Camelot Carpet

  • In-Home Congoleum Carpet Sales

    Congoleum Carpet

  • Constantine Carpet Sales

    Constantine Carpet

  • Couristan Carpet Stores, Sales

    Couristan Carpet

  • Custom Weave Carpet Sales, Store

    Custom Weave Carpet

  • Design Weave Carpet Sales, Store

    Design Weave Carpet

  • Dixie Home Carpet Sales, Stores

    Dixie Home Carpet

  • fabrica Carpet Sales, Stores

    Fabrica Carpet

  • Godfrey Hirst Carpet Sales, Store

    Godfrey Hirst Carpet

  • Gulistan Carpet Store, Sales

    Gulistan Carpet

  • Helios Carpet Sales, Store

    Helios Carpet

  • Hollytex Carpet Sales, Stores

    Hollytex Carpet

  • Horizon Carpet Stores, Sales

    Horizon Carpet

  • Kane Carpet Store, Sales

    Kane Carpet

  • In-Home Masland Carpet Sales, Store

    Masland Carpet

  • Shop At Home Mohawk Carpet Sales, Stores

    Mohawk Carpet

  • Northwest Carpet Sales

    Northwest Carpet

  • Prestige Carpet Sales, Store

    Prestige Carpet

  • Robertex Carpet Sales, Store

    Robertex Carpet

  • Royal Dutch Carpet Sales, Stores

    Royal Dutch Carpet

  • In-Home Shaw Carpet Sales

    Shaw Carpet

  • Sutton Carpet Sales, Stores

    Sutton Carpet

  • In-Home Stainmaster Carpet Store, Sales

    Stainmaster Carpet

  • Stanton Carpet Sales, Stores

    Stanton Carpet

  • Tuftex Carpet Sales

    Tuftex Carpet

  • Unique Carpet Sales, Store

    Unique Carpet

  • Woolshire Carpet Sales, Store

    Woolshire Carpet

  • Wundaweve Carpet Sales, Store

    Wundaweve Carpet

  • Avalon Tile Flooring Sales, Store

    Avalon Tile Flooring

  • Shop At Home Kahrs Wood Flooring Sales, Store

    Kahrs Wood Flooring

  • Lauzon Wood Flooring Store, Sales

    Lauzon Wood Flooring

  • Preverco Wood Carpet Stores

    Preverco Wood Carpet

  • Mullican Flooring Sales, Store

    Mullican Flooring

  • In-Home Muskoka Flooring Sales, Storeo

    Muskoka Hardwood Flooring

  • In-Home Bruce Hardwood Flooring Sales, Stores

    Bruce Hardwood Flooring

Also available: cork, exotic woods, laminates, tiles, and bamboo flooring sales. In addition, we offer carpet repair services in Metro Detroit, MI.

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